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Ready to Fly

First World Flight
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Acknowledgments ix
Forward by Phil Boyer, President, A. O. P. A. xii
Forward by Paul H. Poberezny, Founder and Chairman, E. A. A. xv
Introduction (Audio Clip) xvii
1 Billy (Audio Clip) (1898-1912) 1
Mitchell's early career as war hero and Intelligence Chief, birth of aviation
2 The Drums of War (Audio Clip) (1914-1917) 17
WWI begins, Mitchell exiled, U.S. enters unprepared, Pershing appointed
3 The Yanks Are Coming (Audio Clip) (1917-1918) 35
Allies suffer huge losses, Liberty Engine is born, Eddie Rickenbacker flies
4 The War in the Air (Audio Clip) (1917-1918) 53
U.S. struggles to catch up, Tide turns, Mitchell leads Air Armada to triumph
5 Regards to the Navy (Audio Clip) (1919-1921) 89
Mitchell builds huge bombs, sinks naval ships, incurs Navy's hatred and wrath
6 Love, War, and Politics (Audio Clip) (1921-1922) 125
European trip reveals German rockets, jet engines, Mitchell meets love, plans world flight
7 Preparations Begin (Audio Clip) (1923) 151
Donald Douglas designs world flight airplanes, Mitchell marries, exiled to Far East
8 The Chosen (Audio Clip) (January - March, 1924) 177
U.S. crew trains, other countries race to beat U.S. team, Japan refuses landing rights
9 Alaska (Audio Clip) (March - May, 1924) 203
Through storms, blizzards, U.S. flight leader crashes, Mitchell negotiates with Japanese
10The Pacific (Audio Clip) (May - June 1924) 239
First aerial crossing, escape from Russians, Tokyo Geishas, Japan Exclusion Act passes
11Through Asia (Audio Clip) (June, 1924) 265
Forced jungle landing, war canoes tow, Saigon snubs, Aloha Baker falls in love
12Through the Mideast (Audio Clip) (July, 1924) 289
Wells stows away, oppressive heat, sandstorms, engine explodes in flight, British help
13Europe (Audio Clip) (July, 1924) 303
Bastille Day arrival in Paris, Premier leads millions in cheers, asleep at the Folies Bergere
14Victims of the North Sea (Audio Clip) (August, 1924) 315
U.S. and Italian planes lost attempting first flights to Iceland and Greenland
15Triumph and Tragedy (Audio Clip) (September, 1924 - September, 1925)345
Half of flight succeeds, Mitchell broken after predicting Japan Pearl Harbor attack
16Patriotism and Punishment (Audio Clip) (September - December, 1925) 375
Shenandoah crashes, Mitchell accuses president and War Dept. of treason, court martialed
17Fears, Fates, and Finality (Audio Clip) (1926-1946, Present) 393
Mitchell resigns, dies, predictions all come true, president awards him Medal of Honor


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